Wrongful Death


Losing a loved one is one of the most stressful and emotionally devastating life events that any human being can experience. That loss can be even more painful when that death was unnecessary and could have been avoided. If you have lost someone you love because of the reckless or irresponsible actions of another party it is absolutely crucial that you contact a compassionate and experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as you possibly can. Wrongful death claims are emotional and complex matters. By involving the Law Offices of Berriz Law Group right away, we can ensure that your case is thoroughly investigated and documented and all filing deadlines are met.

At our caring firm, we take the time to listen to you and be available to answer any questions you may have and to keep you fully up to date regarding your legal options. Wrongful death can occur for many reasons such as a car accident, motorcycle accident, pedestrian accident, construction accident and the list goes on. Beyond the emotional devastation that a family goes through, you may also face the additional burden of financial hardship. It is easy to feel lost and powerless but you must remember that you do have rights and you do not have to go through this alone. Our firm will aggressively fight for your rights every step of the way. Mr. Berriz and Mr. Berriz Law Group have more than 47 years of combined experience helping families through the darkest and most challenging periods of their lives. Our firm will be with you throughout the entire process vigorously pursuing accountability and compensation for you and your family.


It is often the case in wrongful death claims that a large insurance company becomes involved. Insurance companies will attempt to settle your claim for the smallest amount possible as they are in business to make a profit. We have a solid relationship with virtually every insurer in California. We know how they operate. We will put our unique insight and knowledge to work for you. Our firm has a proven record of success helping our clients receive maximum compensation. We are determined to achieve the best legal and financial results for our clients so that you can move forward and focus your attention on healing.

Contact a lawyer as soon as you can if you have lost a loved one due to the irresponsible or reckless actions of another. We may be able to assist you in seeking justice and compensation for your loss.

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